The Relearn theme supports Hugo’s default taxonomies tag and category out of the box.


Just add tags and/or categories to any page. They can be given as a single string or an array of strings.

categories = ["taxonomy", "content"]
tags = "tutorial"
title = "Taxonomy"


The tags are displayed at the top of the page in alphabetical order.

The categories are displayed at the bottom of the page in alphabetical order in the default implementation of the theme but can be customized by providing your own content-footer.html partial.

Each item is a link to a taxonomy page displaying all the articles with the given term.

List all the tags

In the config.toml file you can add a shortcut to display all the tags and categories

name = "<i class='fas fa-tags'></i> Tags"
url = "/tags"

name = "<i class='fas fa-list'></i> Categories"
url = "/categories"