Image Effects

The theme supports non-standard image effects.

As described, you can add this to the URL query parameter, but this may be cumbersome to do it consistently for the whole page.

Instead, you can configure the defaults in your hugo.toml aswell as overriding these default in the pages frontmatter.

Explicitly set URL query parameter will override the defaults in effect for a page.

Without any settings in your hugo.toml this defaults to

    border = false
    lightbox = true
    shadow = false

This can be overridden in a pages frontmatter by eg.

  border = true

Or by explicitly override settings by URL query parameter


The settings applied to the above image would be

  border = true
  lightbox = false
  shadow = false
  bg-white = true

This ends up in the following HTML where the parameter are converted to CSS classes.

<img src="" alt="Minion" class="bg-white border nolightbox noshadow">


As you can see in the above example, the bg-white parameter is not initially supported in the themes default settings. Nevertheless you are free to define arbitrary parameter by just adding them to the URL query parameter or set them in your hugo.toml or pages frontmatter.


If no extended parameter like bg-white in the example is set on the URL, a class="nobg-white" in the HTML will only be generated if a default value was set in the hugo.toml or pages frontmatter.