Stylesheet generator

This interactive tool may help you to generate your own color variant stylesheet.

To get started, first select a color variant from the variant selector in the lower left sidebar that fits you best as a starting point.

The graph is interactive and reflect the current colors. You can click on any of the colored boxes to adjust the respective color. The graph and the page will update accordingly.

The arrowed lines reflect how colors are inherited through different parts of the theme if the descendent isn’t overwritten. If you want to delete a color and let it inherit from its parent, just delete the value from the input field.

To better understand this select the neon variant and modify the different heading colors. There, colors for the heading h2, h3 and h4 are explicitly set. h5 is not set and inherits its value from h4. h6 is also not set and inherits its value from h5.

Once you’ve changed a color, the variant selector will show a “My custom variant” entry and your changes are stored in the browser. You can browse to other pages and even close the browser without losing your changes.

Once you are satisfied, you can download the new variants file and copy it into your site’s assets/css directory. Afterwards you have to adjust the themeVariant parameter in your hugo.toml to your chosen file name.

Eg. if your new variants file is named theme-my-custom-variant.css, you have to set themeVariant='my-custom-variant' to use it.

See the docs for further configuration options