The expand shortcode displays an expandable/collapsible section of text.

Expand me...


While the examples are using shortcodes with named parameter you are free to use positional as well or also call this shortcode from your own partials.

{{% expand title="Expand me..." %}}Thank you!{{% /expand %}}
{{% expand "Expand me..." %}}Thank you!{{% /expand %}}
{{ partial "shortcodes/expand.html" (dict
  "context" .
  "title" "Expand me..."
  "content" "Thank you!"


Name Position Default Notes
title 1 "Expand me..." Arbitrary text to appear next to the expand/collapse icon.
open 2 false When true the content text will be initially shown as expanded.
<content> <empty> Arbitrary text to be displayed on expand.


All Defaults

{{% expand %}}Yes, you did it!{{% /expand %}}
Expand me...

Initially Expanded

{{% expand title="Expand me..." open="true" %}}No need to press you!{{% /expand %}}
Expand me...
No need to press you!

Arbitrary Text

{{% expand title="Show me almost endless possibilities" %}}
You can add standard markdown syntax:

- multiple paragraphs
- bullet point lists
- _emphasized_, **bold** and even **_bold emphasized_** text
- [links](https://example.com)
- etc.

...and even source code

> the possibilities are endless (almost - including other shortcodes may or may not work)
{{% /expand %}}
Show me almost endless possibilities