Hugo Relearn Theme

The Relearn theme is a theme for Hugo, a static website generator written in Go. Where Hugo is often used for blogs, this theme is designed with documentation in mind.


The theme is a fork of the great Learn theme with the aim of fixing long outstanding bugs and adepting to latest Hugo features. As far as possible this theme tries to be a drop-in replacement for the Learn theme.



See What’s New within the latest update.

Getting Support

To get support, feel free to open a new discussion topic or issue report in the official repository on GitHub.

Become a Contributor

Feel free to update this documentation by just clicking the button displayed on top right of each page. Your changes will be deployed automatically once they were reviewed.

You are most welcome to contribute bugfixes or even new features to the source code by making pull requests to the official repository via GitHub. Please visit the contribution guidelines first.


This theme is licensed under the MIT License.


This theme would not be possible without the work of many others. See the credits for a detailed list.